Enrollment Next Steps

After we have processed your Student Enrollment form, we will reach out to you for the next steps in the enrollment process regarding:

Tuition Agreement

The Tuition Agreement has a new look. Please make sure to review at all pages, it is a fillable form that will automatically calculate for you. We ask you to return the agreement to the ACSS Central Office by July 31.  

Tuition Payment

If you are paying by automatic deduction, please complete, sign, and return the Tuition Direct Payment Authorization by July 31st. This authorization is required to be completed each year. If you are paying by check, you may skip this step and proceed to Step 4 and mail your check to the Business Office on or before August 1st.

Parent Portal

If you have not signed up for Parent Portal in the past, please complete and sign the Parent Portal Form and return it to the address indicated on the form.  THIS IS REQUIRED.  Having parent portal allows you to view calendar, attendance, grades, behavior, assessment, fees, reports, learning style, messages and family information. If you have changes in your family information, you may make those changes on parent portal and keep the school up-to-date on new addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses.

Lunch Accounts

If you have not signed up for MySchoolBucks in the past, please register.  We are requiring that everyone register with MySchoolBucks so they have access to their child’s account and can view charges and payments. In addition, you can sign up for email notification when the balance gets to a certain amount.  You will need your child’s student ID number which can be found on Infinite Campus through Parent Portal.  By having access to your child’s account, this will eliminate phone calls to the school and reduce the cost of mailing statements. You do not have to submit payment online. You may send a check with your child. If you have more than one child in school, you may combine the deposit for all children and note in the memo part of the check how to allocate the funds between children. TUITION CHECKS AND LUNCH CHECKS CANNOT BE COMBINED AS THEY ARE SEPARATE ACCOUNTS.

If you wish to have an automatic deduction for lunch each month, please complete the Lunch Direct Payment Authorization, sign, and return to Vickie Haiar, Aberdeen Catholic Schools, 1400 North Dakota Street, Aberdeen, SD 57401. This form MUST be turned in each year and MUST be received by August 1. Please indicate how funds are to be allocated if more than one child.

Review Back to School Newsletter

Please review our back to school newsletter: