Uniform Requirements

Roncalli requires uniforms of all students. The school believes that the manner in which individuals dress and present themselves affects:

  • How they view themselves
  • How they are perceived by others
  • How they live out God's purpose in life

A uniform policy also fosters a sense of equality within the student body and reflects a higher standard of work to be accomplished by the students.

ACSS Uniform Dress Code

Uniform Quick Reference Guide

Visit Donald's Uniforms Online Store

Visit the Online Spirit Store at Geffdog

Roncalli School Uniforms

The Roncalli Online Spirit Store sells the green monogrammed uniform shirts in long and short sleeve, the navy blue sweatshirts, and monogrammed green fleece jackets and the 1/4 Zip Gray or Green Pullover.  

Donald’s Uniforms is the uniform supplier for Roncalli Primary, Elementary and High School.  Navy blue and light blue uniform shirts can be ordered via the internet at the Donald’s website or purchased during their visits to Roncalli in July. Uniform jumpers, skirts, pants and shorts can also be purchased through Donald's Uniforms.

Roncalli Online Spirit Store

The Spirit Store stocks many other items that can be purchased to show your support of the Cavaliers. We currently offer shirts, jackets, sweatshirts, bags, and much more. Visit the Geffdog online Spirit Store.

Other Information

By the fall of 2020, the Spirit Store that was physically located at Roncalli High School will no longer be open. We have moved all inventory to the online Spirit Store.