Campus Ministry

Instilling Catholic Values

The ACSS practices its mission by instilling Catholic values. At Roncalli, faith is central to everything we do. We can discuss it in any class. We practice it in our activities. It’s part of the air we breathe.

Our students form their faith through work in class as well as through the models they see in their teachers and classmates. Every K-12 student takes religion class every day. Our students-Catholic or not-have many opportunities to practice their faith. We pray in class and in weekly Mass. One of the most moving moments is when our athletic events end with our students in prayer-win or lose-often joined by fans from the crowd.

Non-Catholic parents have told us that Roncalli religion classes have helped their children's relationship with Christ grow.

Service to God and community puts faith into action, and Christian service is expected of students at all ages. Students participate in the Mass as lectors, Eucharistic ministers, musicians, and gift bearers. Our students go over and above in their service to the Aberdeen community and have received several awards and recognitions for their service.