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Roncalli Benefactors Society

Making a Lasting Impact

The Roncalli Benefactors Society recognizes individuals who have established planned gifts for the Aberdeen Catholic School System through a bequest in a will or other method. Thanks to the following people for making a lasting gift and leaving a permanent legacy to Catholic education in Aberdeen.

  • Kathleen Barnett
  • David and Rita Pettigrew
  • William Barnett
  • Earl and Arlene Randall
  • Ferdinand Barrie*
  • Greg Rank (in honor of, Harold and Lois Rank)
  • Jeffery O. Beckel*
  • Magdalena Rausch*
  • Doug and Rhoda Berkley
  • Maurice* and Florence Richards
  • Walter Blossey*
  • Robert* and Carol* Rohl
  • Jeff and Mary Bock
  • Evelyn Rumrey*
  • Dr. Donald* and Marilyn Carrels*
  • Richard* and Ann* Russell
  • George* and Donna* Duch
  • Arlyn* and Linda* Salfrank
  • Alvin* and Audrey* Dutenhoffer
  • BJ and Brandei Schaefbauer
  • John* and Lorraine* Evelo
  • Leo* and Cathy* Schatz
  • Louis Geiser*
  • Eugene* and Claire* Schiller
  • Jason and Laura Glover
  • Eugene* and Lu Schiller
  • Phyllis Jacobson Goodman*
  • Stanley* and Ilene Schmidt
  • Camilla Grace* Frank* and Helen* Schultz
  • Richard* and Wilma* Grandpre
  • Charlotte Schwenn*
  • Michael* and Emily Guhin family
  • Tom* and Catherine* Seiler
  • Leo* and Bertha* Hansen
  • Cherie Shishnia
  • LeRoy L. Heineman*
  • Evalyn Smith
  • Thomas Hopper
  • Juletta Smith
  • William and Norma Kale
  • Charles and Donna Stehly
  • Rory and Susan King
  • Russ and Marilyn Stone
  • Ludwig* and Mary* Kramer
  • Jim and Tracy Thares
  • Tom and Peggy Kuck
  • August P. Thomas*
  • Ron and Jane Lacher
  • Bob Troske
  • Dr. Paul* and Therese* Leon
  • Dr. Ryan and Jennifer VanLaecken
  • Larry and Joyce Lickfelt
  • Paul* and Katherine* Vetch
  • Mary Ludwig*
  • Henry* and Arlene* Weinreis
  • Dean O.* and Donna* Melhaff
  • Dennis and Nancy Wells
  • Tom* and Margaret* Morrow
  • Rev. James J. Wolf*
  • Presentation Sisters

* deceased

For more information about the Roncalli Benefactors Society, please contact:

ACSS Development Office
1400 N. Dakota St.
Aberdeen, SD 57401