Intercessor Ministry

Offering the Gift of Prayer

For many years Roncalli has been blessed with prayer warriors, taking time to offer to God the Roncalli students, staff and faculty. These prayers have proven to be a tremendous blessing!!

The ministry is made up of current parents and grandparents of Roncalli students, former parents and friends of Roncalli. These individuals receive a list of students and staff members that they intentionally pray for each week throughout the school year.  

If you feel called to take part in this ministry, it's easy to join:

  1. Contact Michala Heller to get your name on the Intercessor list., 605-226-2100
  2. At the beginning of each school year, you will receive the names of students, staff,  and faculty unique to you. You will pray for these people specifically throughout the school year. We can provide you with materials and ideas to make your hour of prayer meaningful and a blessing to you and those you are praying for.
  3. You can pray onsite in the Roncalli High School Chapel, from home or at your home parish or congregation during the week as your schedule allows.