Hall of Fame Nomination

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We are accepting nominations throughout the year for potential candidates into the Roncalli Hall of Fame. The following are the categories of recognition:  

Arts & Academics

Alumni, or friends of Roncalli who have distinguished themselves in the field of the arts or by outstanding achievements through scholarship, service, and leadership so as to reflect honor and distinction.


Coaches or alumni of Roncalli who have established distinctive records of achievement in athletics, which would make them deserving of recognition.

Volunteer Service

Those alumni or friends of Roncalli whose actions and or contributions have been made without monetary compensation for the betterment of the school system.


Those alumni or friends of Roncalli whose contributions have made a significant impact on the sustainability of the school.


Those current or former Roncalli faculty and staff members for their significant contribution to education and for enhancing the reputation of the school.

Hall of Fame Nomination Form

Please complete the nomination form below. Please note, it is expected a nominee would have nothing in her/his background that would reflect negatively on the values Roncalli encourages its graduates to develop.

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